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Adonai Adoneinu (O Lord Our Lord)

 Adonai Elohaich B'Kirbech (The Lord Your God is in Your Midst)

Adonai Machaseinu (The Lord is Our Refuge)

 Adonai Ori Veishi (The Lord is My Light and My Salvation)

Adon haKavod (The Lord of Glory)

Ahavato G'dola (His Love is Great)

Ani Sole'ach LeAchi (I Forgive My Brother)

 As A Thousand Years

Ashrei Asher Lo Yikahel Bi (Blessed is He Who is Not Offended in Me)

Avinu ShebeShamayim (Our Father Who is in Heaven)

Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father, Our King)

B'Mayim Zakim (In Clear Water)

Bitchu BaAdonai (Trust in the Lord)

Chesed Lachem v'Shalom (Mercy and Peace Unto You)

Diminu Elohim (We Have Thought on God)

Dodi Li (My Beloved is Mine)

Echad (One)

Ein Ahava G'dola (There's No Greater Love)

Einai Tamid El Adonai (My Eyes are Always Toward the Lord)

 Eineini Bosh (I Am Not Ashamed)

 Ein Kamocha baElohim (There is None Like You)

Eleicha Adonai (Unto You O Lord)

 Eleinu Yeshua Yavo (Yeshua Will Come to Us)

Habotchim BaAdonai (ThoseWho Trust in the Lord)

HaLechem, HaYain (The Bread, The Wine)

 Hallelu et Adonai (Praise the Lord)

 HaMalach Hashvii (The Seventh Angel)

Hanichu L'Yeladim (Let the Children)

HaRuach VeHaKala Omrim Bo(The Spirit and The Bride Say Come)

 Hayeshua L'Eloheinu (Salvation Belongs to Our God)

Hineh Eloheinu (Here is Our God)

Hineh K'Einei Avadim (Behold as the Eyes of Servants)

Hine Yeshua (Here is Yeshua)

 Hodu LaAdonai (Give Thanks to the Lord)

Hu (He)

Hu Shlomenu (He is Our Peace)

 Hu Yoshieinu (He is Our Salvation)

Imdu Bi (Abide in Me)

Kadosh (Holy)

Kadosh, Adonai Ts'va'ot (Holy is the Lord of Hosts)

 Kaparah (Atonement)

K'Ayal Ta'arog (As a Deer Thirsts)

 K'dei Lada'at Oto (In Order to Know Him)

Ki Libi Lecha (My Heart is Yours)

Ki Shem Adonai Ekra (For I Proclaim the Name of the Lord)

Ki Yeled Yulad Lanu (For Unto Us a Child is Born)

Kos Yeshuot (The Cup of Salvation)

K'Tapuach (As the Apple)

Ki Kacha Ahav) (For God So Loved)

Kulanu KaTzon Ta'inu (All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray)

L'saper B'Tsion (To Tell in Zion)

LaOhev Otanu (Unto Him Who Loves Us)

LevTahor (A Pure Heart)

 Livshu et M'lo Neshek HaElohim (Put on the Whole Armour of God)

L'ma'an Tsion (For the Sake of Zion)

Lo Gavah Libi (My Heart is not Proud)

Lo HaKavod (To Him Be the Glory)

Malach Adonai (The Angel of the Lord)

Mi KeElohim (Who is Like Unto God)

Mizrach Mima'arav (As the East is From the West)

Moshienu HaNifla (Our Wonderful Savior)

Neum Adonai L'Adonai (The Lord Said Unto My Lord)

 Praise Your God O Zion

The Promised Land

Ra'ui Atah (You are Worthy)

Ram Adonai (Great is the Lord)

Ram V'Nisa (High and Lifted Up)

 Rau Halichoteicha Elohim (They Have Seen Your Processions O God)

Roll Your Way Upon the Lord

Roni Bat Tsion (Rejoice, Daughter of Zion)

Roni Vesimchi Bat Tzion (Rejoice and Be Glad)

Ronu Shamayim (Rejoice O Heavens)

Ruach Adonai Alai (The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me)

 Rumah Adonai (Be Exalted O Lord)

Search Me O God

Shalom Rav (Great Peace)

Shavua Tov (A Good Week)

Shemesh U'Magen (Sun and Sheild)

 Shir Chadash (New Song)

Shir HaT'kuma (Song of the Resurrection)

Shir Hatziporim (Song of the Birds)

 Sh'ma Israel (Hear, O Israel)

Song of Moses

T'filat HaAdon (The Lord's Prayer)

Taher et Libeinu (Purify Our Hearts)

Ten Bi me'Orcha (Put Your Light Within Me)

To Him Be the Glory

Unto Him Who Loves Us

Va'ani Batuach (I Am Persuaded)

V'Hitanag Al Adonai (Delight Yourself in the Lord)

VeKavei el Adonai (Those Who Wait Upon the Lord)

Yavo Eleinu (Will Come to Us)

Yeshua Ani Ohev Otcha (Yeshua I Love You)

 Yeshua Ba ba'Ananim (Behold, He Comes in the Clouds)

Yismach Israel (Be Glad O Israel)

Yom Trua (The Day of the Trumpet Call)

Zera Nivchar (A Chosen Seed)

Zevach Todah (Sacrifice of Thanksgiving)