LUKE 11:9 "And I say to you, ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find;

knock, and it shall be opened to you."

Here are the answers to some of the questions listeners often ask me:

What language do ya'll speak over there?:  Well, basically Hebrew.  However there are people in Israel from almost as many nations as are represented in the UN.  So, if you ride a bus in Jerusalem, you may hear just about anything.  The top 4 are Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Russian.  The average Israeli knows 3 languages fluently.

What kind of food do you have in Israel?:  In short GOOD food.  You can buy just about anything, and Israelis LOVE to eat.  However, you will see very few obese people here.  Either they eat in moderation, or they get a lot of exercise.  Falafel used to be the national fast food, but as we go the way of the world, hamburgers are taking over.  Most restaurants are kosher, so you will be hard pressed to find pizza with meat on it.

What is the weather like?:  Israel is on the same latitude lines as Savannah Georgia.  It is NOT always hot, as some people think.  We have 4 seasons, including snow and hot summers.  However, most of Israel is arid, and has a low humidity level, making it very pleasant.  Jerusalem has without a doubt the best all round climate.  Don't look for rain between May and October.  You won't find a drop.

Do you have modern conveniences in Israel?:  Yes, we have running water, and indoor toilets.  (But you knew that).  Israel is in some aspects more modern than much of the Western nations.  It is second in the world (after South Korea) in the use of technology in the home.  For instance, there are 6.5 million people, and 8 million active cell phone accounts.  Percentage wise, many more people have high speed internet lines than the folks in the USA.  By the way, the cell phone was invented here.  (and we don't have to pay for incoming calls :>)

How many believers are there in Israel?:  No one knows for sure, but estimates run at about 10,000.

Are believers persecuted in Israel?:  To some extent, but NOT officially, and not seriously.

Why do you always say "Yeshua" instead of "Jesus" when you are speaking in English?:  See the Hebrew Highlights section for a full answer, but basically, it is His ORIGINAL name.  I like to point out that no one ever called the famous undersea explorer Jaques Cousteau "Jack".

What does Israel look like?:  This beautiful little country has everything from a snow ski resort, to fabulous beaches.  There are bustling cities and quiet farm lands.  There are deserts and forests (all planted by the returning Jewish people).  The best thing for you to do is COME SEE!

What Bible translation do you recommend?:  Hands down it would be the New American Standard.  Second would be the New King James.  Both of these are true to the original Hebrew texts.  I definitely do NOT recommend the NIV for study purposes.

What is a coalition government?:  To understand completely, you need a course, not a web page.  In a few words, It is a government formed when no one party gets a clear majority in the vote.  A party with say 40% of the Kennesset (Israel's parliament) needs to partner with 2 or more smaller parties in order to have a majority of seats.

Can Christians come live in Israel?:  Officially, Israel is a Jewish state.  There are a handful of us who have received permanent residence, but it is NOT easy.  There are however many ways to come spend a year or two, including studying at one of Israel's great universities, or volunteering for some organization.

When do you think Yeshua will return?:  I don't know.  But it will NOT be pre-tribulation :>)